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Disclaimer Policies / Terms and Conditions

We purposely deny warranties of any type; either convey or obscure. We provide the products and services on availability. We provide the general information about medicine and treatment. We do not provide any oral or written information about any medicine or product by our affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, providers, merchants, sponsors, licensors, or the like, that may create a warranty.

All information provide by us on our website is for only educational purpose only and do not substitute your doctor guidance in any manner. All the information given on the product's label is asset of manufacturer. We are not liable for any issue occurred thereafter.

Do not use information given on our website for diagnosis of any person or prescribed medicine given on our website without consulting to your doctor or physician. Read all the information given on the product provided by manufacturer before using any product purchased from our website.

Consult to your doctor about any precaution, allergy and safety not evaluated by FDA and should not intend to diagnose, medicate, heal, or avoid any disease.

We deny any liability for the accuracy, content, or availability of information found on sites that associated to or from the Site from third parties not connected with our website. Please note that we are not liable for any content, accuracy, copyright issue, related to third party product or any service.

Any of our officer, director, employee, agent, third party content provider, merchant, sponsor, licensor, or associate is not liable for any warranty about our site is incessant or bug-free.

Your account Obligation

Provide the accurate and genuine information about yourself. We maintain and update your information time to time to keep it true and accurate in every way.

In any case found your information as fake, mistaken, incomplete or wrong, your account may be suspended, terminated or decline the future use of our services. Your account information or general information is the subject of privacy policy.

When you register yourself on our website, the password provided to you must be confidential to keep the security of your account. You are liable to keep the password confidential and all the activities of your account. You should report immediately if you find unauthorized use of your password.

Limitation of Liability

Our liability is limited to our services; we are not liable for any type of activity like creating producing or distributing. We are not liable for any compensation of loss of profits like direct, secondary, significant, incidental or any particular harm that arise due to any circumstance.

Unauthorized access or alteration of transmitting the data

Unauthorized access is an offensive term and can become a punishable offence. Alteration of transmitting data may include the express constant. You will notify about the changes happening in the website or your data which is transmitting. We are not liable for the data has been altered provided by you. You will notify if any change is needed.

Custom Clearance

Our products pass through all the custom services. In any case where our product if part to custom detention and elimination; all charges will be provided by Customer may claim for full refund or reshipment with no additional charges.


You agree to compensate and hold under the, the officials like auxiliaries, associates, officers, agents, co-branders or other partners, and employees is not liable for any claim and damage, demand, legal action like attorney's fees caused by third party if any customer does not follow the regulation and laws of destined country.

Refund and Return Policy

All refund provides in according to circumstance, the product will not return if found as non-defective. Please read all are term and condition for refund and return policies. The product can be return within 30 days of purchased and full refund we will provide. You will have to mention the purchasing number which was given to you at the time of purchasing. You will have to give this number at

Cancellation Policy

If you are not satisfied and want to cancel your order, contact to our customer support team within 36 hours after placing your order. Please contact on our Toll free Number 1-877-277-9154 or mail us immediately on We will cancel your order and refund your money in next 4-5 working days. Please note: Once the order is sent to shipping facility your order can't be canceled.

How do I place an order?

We provide the step by step procedure to help you to place your order with any error. When you click on the link, you may place your order according to provided tips and instructions. Then you can submit your order for processing.

On you are to place your refill as you done with your last refill to ensure your most up to date information. You will get 10% more pills if you provide us correct email address and date of birth.


If you no longer agree to be bound by the regulation of Use, you must stop your use to As per the subject of law, we are authorized for the right to delay or refuse, in our sole judgment, your admittance may be violated to all or any portion of the Site with or without prior notice if you do not follow the regulation of our website. If it is found any activity again our term and regulation, your account may suspend or terminate for infinite time period. You agree that your account may terminate, delete with or without prior notice. You also agree that we are not liable for your account or third party termination.

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1. We have implemented google analytics advertising features to improve your experience.
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      (d) Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.

2. By enabling these advertising features, we enable google analytics to collect data about your traffic via Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers.

3. You can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features by installing currently available opt-outs Add-on for the web browser.