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Bupropion is the world known anti-depressant and is usually given to the patients who wants to quit smoking. For the people who are thinking about committing suicide and harming themselves in one way or the other, this medication can be really helpful for them. The cause of the mood changes in the nervous system of the people is caused due to the effect of the particular enzymes and chemical reaction in the body of the patient and hence the medication of the Bupropion tablets is suggested to such patients to encounter such problems. View More

Bupropion is sold under brand name wellbutrin SR® is manufactured by GSK.

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Bupropion (150mg)
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Before Taking Bupropion
You should not also use this medication if you are allergic to Bupropion. This medicine may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. You should always tell the doctor about your previous treatments and all. What medicines you have taken and what are the current medicines that you are having. You should not take Zyban even if you have any of these: manic depression. Kidney or lever disease. heart disease, high blood pressure, history of heart attack. head injury, seizures, or brain or spinal cord tumor. if you have suddenly stopped using alcohol, seizure medication, or a sedative. an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. epilepsy or a seizure disorder.
How should take Bupropion
You must Take Bupropion exactly as prescribed by the doctor. and the amount and dose of the day are generally specified by the doctor. And one should not customize it. Or you can have a look at the prescription tag of the medicine for the references. When first starting Zyban, you may continue in order to smoke around 1 week as soon as you start the actual medicine. to stop smoking cigarettes during your second week regarding treatment. Confer with your doctor in case you are having difficulty quitting once you have used Zyban for no less than 7 several weeks. Your health practitioner may order nicotine sections or gum to help support your current smoking cessation cure. Read most directions and safety information for your nicotine solution. Do not smoke at any time you might be a cigarette smoking product as well as Zyban. Too much nicotine could cause severe side effects.
What happens if missing a dose of Bupropion
It's the most basic problem that generally people does. And if you have forgotten your dose and it almost time for the next dose, then you should wait for the time of the next dose and skip the previous dose. And if you are behind with an hour or so, then you can take it, other you must skip that dose. And one should never take a double dose to make up the missed doses. If you does so then the chances of experiencing the side effects become so strong.
What happens if overdose of Bupropion
If you have taken the overdose of this medicine accidentally. Then the first thing you should immediately contact your doctor as soon as possible, Even if you are feeling no discomfort or uneasiness. Because the overdose of this medicine can be very harmful in some scenarios. So its better to consult the doctor or the emergency centre, while waiting for something bad to happen.
What should to avoid while taking Bupropion
If you are having this medicine then you should avoid using any other medicine even for any minor reason without consulting your doctor. And you should strictly avoid alcohol while having this medicine. Zyban could potentially cause seizures in folks who drink a great amount of alcohol and then suddenly quit drinking when they start while using the medication.
What are the side effects of Bupropion
You must strive for the emergency help if you find any symptoms, anything abnormal after or while having the medicine. You should immediately stop having the medicine and consult with your doctor if you have side effect such as: Convulsions. loss of interest in sex. confusion, trouble concentrating. nausea, vomiting, constipation. mild itching or skin rash, increased sweating. sleep problems. fever, swollen glands, rash or itching, joint pain. changes in appetite, weight loss or gain. increased sweating, increased urination. This is not the complete information If you are feeling any other side effects than you contact your doctor immediately without wasting any time.
Other drugs affecting when take Bupropion
You must tell the doctor if you are having any other medicine as well, specifically when you are having seizure medication such as: HIV or perhaps AIDS medication including efavirenz. insulin or perhaps oral diabetes prescription medication. cancer medicine including cyclophosphamide. medication accustomed to prevent our blood clots, including clopidogrel. cancer medicine including cyclophosphamide. antihistamines which make you tired. bladder or perhaps urinary medications including oxybutynin. medicine to deal with a psychiatric disorder. birth manage pills or perhaps hormone replacement estrogens. medications to deal with or prevent malaria. medicines to deal with Parkinson's condition, restless calf syndrome. This is not the complete list of drugs that may interact with this medicine. You should tell your doctor about all medicine that you have used and using at first.

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After using the generics from I realise the importance of life and also that how stupid was I to waste my life over smoking. I am thankful to this website for saving my life. you guys are doing great work. please keep it up for others as well...Thanks.