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Disorders related to urination and prostate are common in men of all age groups. In order to treat these disorders the medication of Tamsulosin is quite effective and is used since a long period of time worldwide. The working of this tablet can be explained as a formulation that relaxes the muscles and arteries of the prostate to make sure that the urine flows easily and without causing any pain and problem in the body of the patient. Tamsulosin is available in the market as a capsule to be taken by mouth with a glass of plain water on empty stomach or after sometime of having food as per the instructions mentioned in the prescription. View More

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Flomax 0.2mg (Tamsulosin)
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Flomax 0.4mg (Tamsulosin)
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What is the use of Tamsulosin
Tamsulosin HCL primarily used for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) but it is also help to facilitate the course the kidney stones just like smooth muscle relaxation via alpha antagonism. It is mainly used in declining of urinary barrier and release of allied manifestations (e.g., timidity, fatal dribbling of urine, sporadic or weak brook, impaired size and force of stream, sensation of incomplete bladder emptying or straining) in hypertensive or normotensive human with symptomatic BPH.
Before Taking Tamsulosin
Read the prescription given on the label; follow the doctor or pharmacist instruction properly. Dosage is based on your medical condition way of treatment. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to Tamsulosin HCL or having another allergy. Do not drink alcohol or smoke before taking Tamsulosin HCL. During pregnancy, this medical only use if doctor by doctor prescription or need. This medicine should taken by mouth only. There should be gap between before taking the meal and after taking the medicine. Medicine should take same time each day. Medicine should not crush or chew, just swallow it.
How should take Tamsulosin
You should start with 0.4 mg one a day for BPH. Take till 2-4 week in the same quantity and then you may change the dosage to 0.8 mg once in a day. Take it before atleast 30 minutes of meal. Consult to your doctor, at first time try to take Tamsulosin HCL before bedtime to decrease the chances of fainting and dizziness. If your dosage has been interrupt then restart with the lower dose, consult to your doctor first.
What happens if missing a dose of Tamsulosin
If your dose is missed then take as soon as possible. Skip the dose if your next dose's time is almost there. Do not take extra medicine to make the last missed one.
What happens if overdose of Tamsulosin
If you overdosed, call your nearest emergency service or call your doctor. Dial the poison help line number at 1800-222-1222. The symptoms of overdose will be extreme fainting, hypotension, severe headache and dizziness.
What should to avoid while taking Tamsulosin
Tamsulosin HCL can affect your thinking for little time, so avoid drinking and be careful to do anything while you are taking Tamsulosin HCL. To prevent fainting, avoid standing for long period. Hot water and exercise can overheat you, so avoid this. If you feel dizzy then get up slowly and to prevent to yourself steady yourself. Drinking alcohol will increase your certain side effects.
What are the side effects of Tamsulosin
There are some side effects if the Tamsulosin HCL is taken in wrong way:
gooey/stuffy nose
ejaculation problems
distorted vision
fast heartbeat
painful or prolonged erection lasting 4 or more hours
itchy/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat)
trouble breathing
Other drugs affecting when take Tamsulosin
Consult to your doctor if you are having any other medicine. Tell the pharmacist or doctor if you are involve in these medicines: cimetidine , conivaptan , cyclosporine , imatinib , isoniazid ,methimazole , pioglitazone , ropinirole , ticlopidine , warfarin , clarithromycin , dalfopristin/quinupristin , erythromycin EryPed, , metronidazole , telithromycin , terbinafine , citalopram , clomipramine , desipramine , duloxetine , escitalopram , fluoxetine , fluvoxamine , imipramine , nefazodone, paroxetine , sertraline , , tranylcypromine , clotrimazole , itraconazole , ketoconazole , voriconazole , chloroquine , pyrimethamine , , quinine ,sildenafil , tadalafil , vardenafil , diltiazem , felodipine, nicardipine , nifedipine , verapamil , quinidine , atazanavir , delavirdine , fosamprenavir , indinavir , nelfinavir , saquinavir , ritonavir , aripiprazole , chlorpromazine , clozapine , fluphenazine , haloperidol , perphenazine , thioridazine. This is not complete list of please consult your doctor for complete info. Note: Always remember to keep your each and every medicine away from children and never share your medicine with others.

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