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Losartan Potassium


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Losartan Potassium is the tablet that is used for the treatment of the high blood pressure and the symptoms of heart stroke and other related heart problems. It is also known to be used for treating the kidney diseases caused by diabetes in patients suffering from diabetes from a long time. There are other known uses of this medication as well. However, you must obtain a prescription from a doctor before using the medicine on regular basis. Losartan Potassium is generally taken once or twice a day in the form of a tablet with a glass of plain water on empty stomach or after sometime of having food on general basis. View More

Losartan Potassium is sold under brand name Cozaar® is manufactured by Merck Frosst.

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Losartan Potassium (25mg)
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Losartan Potassium (50mg)
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Losartan Potassium (100mg)
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60 Pills Unichem,FDC $1.08 $64.99
90 Pills Unichem,FDC $1.04 $93.99
180 Pills Unichem,FDC $1.00 $179.99
Before Taking Losartan Potassium
As you are about to have this medicine, you have to be confirmed that you are not allergic to it. And you should also avoid this medicine if you are having any other allergy as well. This medication may increase your own potassium degrees. Before applying potassium health supplements or salt substitutes which contain potassium, consult a medical expert or apothecary. Before acquiring surgery, tell a medical expert or dental office about every one of the products you have taken even medications, nonprescription medicines or herbal products. Older people may be more sensitive to this drug, especially who are alcoholic and have kidney problems. And the usage of this should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. Because it may harm the baby even.
How should take Losartan Potassium
Every medicine should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. You should not customize the amount, timing and doses of the medicine without consulting. But the doctor may alter the dosage and all in order to get the best with it. Well with this medicine you can take it with or without food. Pertaining to best effects, keep using the medication since directed. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. If it don't improve by 3 months of therapy tell the doctor every concern. Keep using this medication in case even if you feel very good.
What happens if missing a dose of Losartan Potassium
You should never double the dose if you have missed any. Its always better to skip the dose if its almost time for the next dose. And if you are behind by just an hour or so then you can take the missed dose as soon as you remember.
What happens if overdose of Losartan Potassium
If you think that you have taken the overdose of this medicine then you should contact your doctor as early as possible. If doctor isn't available then you can call at the local emergency number also. The general overdose symptoms are like feeling you might pass out, changes in the speed of heartbeat, slow or fast, dizziness and drowsiness etc.
What should to avoid while taking Losartan Potassium
the alcohol should be strictly avoided while having this medicine because the alcohol can make things worse. It can lower your blood pressure or can speed up too. And it also works as a catalyst in increasing the side effects of the losartan. You should also consult to the doctor, he can precisely tell you to avoid the things because there are certain things to avoid that changes from person to person. Stay clear of becoming too hot or dehydrated during exercise and in warm weather. Follow your current doctor's instructions in regards to the type and number of liquids it is best to drink. Now and again, drinking too much liquid can be as unsafe while not having enough
What are the side effects of Losartan Potassium
If you find any trouble or side effect while having this medicine you should always contact your doctor first. And if the side effects seems major then you should contact on the local emergency number. Dizziness and lightheadness are the most basic side effects of this medicine. People generally feels these thing in the starting phase of the medication. If such effects continue or get worse, tell your personal doctor or druggist promptly.To reduce the risk of dizziness in addition to lightheadedness, get out of bed slowly while rising from a sitting or lying placement.Remember that the doctor features prescribed this particular medication because the individual has judged that the benefit to you personally is greater than the risk of uncomfortable side effects. Many people by using medication don't have serious uncomfortable side effects. There are some major side effects also on which you should immediately or surely contact your doctor they are as follows: Wheezing Feeling like you might pass out Changes in the heart rate Pale skin Swellingin any part of the body Difficulties in urinating Drowsiness, frequent moon changes,nausea and vomiting etc. This is not the complete information If you are feeling any other side effects than you contact your doctor immediately without wasting any time.
Other drugs affecting when take Losartan Potassium
If you are having any other medicine as well, it could be for anything, then you should firstly tell the doctor about it. And in some case it becomes very mandatory to tell the doctor like if you are having a diuretic, lithium, celecoxib, aspirin or any other NSAID like brufen and all. These aren't complete medicine and also other drugs may interact with losartan. Tell a medical expert about almost all medications you have. This consists of prescription, over-the-counter, vitamin, and organic products. This is not the complete list of drugs that may interact with this medicine. You should tell your doctor about all medicine that you have used and using at first.

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