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Paroxetine is an anti depressant that is used for the treatment of depression and the disorders caused by panic and anxiety. This medicine works by introducing certain natural substances to the brain which helps it to maintain the mental balance at all times. This medicine is easily available in the market in the form of a tablet to be taken by mouth with a glass of plain water on empty stomach or after taking meal. The dosage of this medicine is increased gradually by the doctor depending on the patient's condition and severity of the depression. View More

Paroxetine is sold under brand name Paxil® is manufactured by Glaxo Smithkline.

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Paroxetine (40mg)
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What is the use of Paroxetine
You should always tell the doctor about your previous treatments and all. What medicines you have taken and what are the current medicines that you are having. You should not also use this medication if you are allergic to Paroxetine. This medicine may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. There are some condition when you should not take the Paroxetine like if you have: blood clotting disorder. narrrow-angle glaucoma. manic depression. liver or kidney disease. seizures or epilepsy.
Before Taking Paroxetine
Paroxetine is an antidepressant drug that belongs to the SSRI group of drugs. It is generally used to treat depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The content of this medicine affects the chemical and neurons of the brain that may become unbalanced and become the cause of depression. It works by helping to regain the balance of certain natural chemicals and substances especially serotonin in the brain of an individual. It works by helping to restore the stability of specific natural elements within the brain. And there are some other uses of this medicine as well, That may not be listed here.
How should take Paroxetine
You must Take Paroxetine exactly as prescribed by the doctor. and the amount and dose of the day are generally specified by the doctor. And one should not customize it. Or you can have a look at the prescription tag of the medicine for the references. You should take Paroxetine regularly to obtain the most advantage. Paroxetine controls your condition but won't cure the disease. It usually takes several weeks or longer when you feel all of the benefit associated with paroxetine. So you have to Continue to take paroxetine despite the fact that you are feeling well. Do not stop using paroxetine without talking to your medical professional. Your doctor will probably decrease ones dose steadily according to the circumstances. But you must not do it yourself.
What happens if missing a dose of Paroxetine
It's the most basic problem that generally people does. And if you have forgotten your dose and it almost time for the next dose, then you should wait for the time of the next dose and skip the previous dose. And if you are behind with an hour or so, then you can take it, other you must skip that dose. And one should never take a double dose to make up the missed doses. If you does so then the chances of experiencing the side effects become so strong.
What happens if overdose of Paroxetine
If you have taken the overdose of this medicine accidentally. Then the first thing you should immediately contact your doctor as soon as possible. Even if you are feeling no discomfort or uneasiness. Because the overdose of this medicine can be very harmful in some scenarios. So its better to consult the doctor or the emergency centre, while waiting for something bad to happen.
What should to avoid while taking Paroxetine
the alcohol should be strictly avoided while having this medicine because the alcohol can make things worse. It can lower your blood pressure or can speed up too. And it also works as a catalyst in increasing the side effects of the paroxetine. There are certain activities that you should avoid if you are taking this medicine, as paroxetine can cause drowsiness, hallucination and dizziness in some cases.
What are the side effects of Paroxetine
One should never hesitate to tell the doctor if he is having any kind of uneasiness, or have any concern or question related to the medicine. As each and every medicine may have side effects. You must strive for the emergency help if you find any symptoms, anything abnormal after or while having the medicine. You should immediately stop having the medicine and consult with your doctor if you have a serious side effect such as: severe skin reaction. unusual bone pain or tenderness, swelling . easy bruising, unusual bleeding, coughing up blood. very stiff muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors. decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm. agitation, hallucinations, fever, fast heart rate, overactive reflexes, nausea and vomiting. headache, trouble concentrating, memory problems, weakness, confusion, hallucinations, fainting, seizure, shallow breathing. This is not the complete information If you are feeling any other side effects than you contact your doctor immediately without wasting any time.
Other drugs affecting when take Paroxetine
You must tell the doctor if you are having any other medicine as well, specifically when you are having medication such as: Warfarin Fentanyl St. John's wort Theophylline Tryptophan Cimetidine fosamprenavir tamoxifen almotriptan heart medication such as digoxin antidepressant such as amitriptyline medicine to treat psychiatric disorders, such as chlorpromazine This is not the complete list of drugs that may interact with this medicine. You should tell your doctor about all medicine that you have used and using at first.
This is not complete information
other important information may connect to this medicine. Not all possible communications are listed in this medication guideline. Please consult the Doctor before taking this medicine for full information.

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