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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell sleep medicines?

No we do not, sell sleep medicines or any type of controlled elements.

When will I receive my product (or medicine)?

It depends upon the shipping method you are using for the delivery of the product. If you choose regular shipping method, your product or medicine will deliver within 14-16 business days and if you use express shipping method, you will receive your order within 6-9 business days. For the shipping method please click shipping option on product page. Business days are referred to all calendar days except holidays and weekends.

Do you ship to all over the world?

No, only ship our products to United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherland, Spain, Sweden, Israel and Switzerland.

What are the sources of shipping of these products?

Our products ship from various facility from India as well as Panama. Note the products are safely wrapped up in safe and sound paper envelopes. The name "" does not appear on the packaging.

What are the shipping charges and who is our mail carrier?

There are different shipping charges used in which usually depends on shipping option and products you select. For information, please go to our shipping option link on our website.

For your safety, your product will arrive in a safety sealed envelope/package depends on your order and quantity.

How can I cancel my order?

If you are not satisfied and want to cancel your order, contact to our customer support team. We will redeem your money back to your credit card.

What is the procedure to place an order?

We provide the step by step procedure to help you to place your order without any error. When you click on the link, you may place your order according to provided tips and instructions. Then you can submit your order for processing.

How can I place a refill?

On you have to place your refill as you place your order last time so that we ensure your most up to date information. We will provide you discount/extra pills coupons with your previous order invoice through email.

What is the time duration of processing and shipping the order?

As soon we receive your order and payment as well, your order is shipped within 24-36 hours. The duration of delivery depends on the shipping method you used. Generally, clearance of credit card payment takes few minutes and payment by online banking takes some days. Many factors affect shipping duration like method of shipment, postal service efficiency, international transportation, public holidays etc. Usually registered mail orders take 14-16 business days and EMS orders take 6-9 business days to be delivered.

How is my security and privacy safe?

Customer security and privacy is our basic aim, we deal upon the doctor-patient privilege laws, where no security and privacy leak under any circumstance. uses the latest secure encryption technology like MD5 and RSA. All payment method passes this secure payment gateway for the secure payment.

What to do if the order delivered in my absence?

If you are not at the given address for the delivery of your order, the delivery person will leave the slip or card to your address which will help you to take your order from your nearest local post office that is servicing in your area or re-arrange the delivery in some cases. If you are not notified about your order, you may contact to your post office about any package waiting for you. Rejected or returned order will not be received by, and in these types of cases amount will not be refund.

What to do if given address on the delivered order is differ then the address given by me?

In some rare case, your address given for your order may differ to address printed on your order delivered.

How to define fraud covered in privacy policies?

Fraud can be defined by these scenarios:

  • Non-payment of shipped orders.
  • Using a third party credit card without authorized by cardholder.
  • Writing bad checks.
  • Canceling checks for shipped orders.
  • Providing wrong contact information.
  • Requesting for money back for credit card charges for orders that have been properly referred by our website and shipped.