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Wellbutrin SR Usage

Everyone knows that smoking is an injurious habit that can promote a number of health problems for any person who is a regular smoker. In order to stay away from this unhealthy habit and lead a normal and healthier life, people try different medications and therapies. However, the desired results can only be obtained from a specialized medication like Wellbutrin SR which is formulated to help the patients to quit smoking for good.

The medication of Wellbutrin SR is a generic remedy for killing the urge to smoke frequently or even rarely for that matter. It works better than many branded medications that claim to help people in quitting smoking and end up with people spending their money on them uselessly. There are also no side effects of using this medication on regular basis until the patient finally quits smoking.

The result after usage of the medication of Wellbutrin SR can be explained as work of a chemical formation that satisfies the need of the body for nicotine by introducing artificial substances to the body and preventing the need to smoke frequently. This medication controls the desire to smoke effectively and finally helps the person to quit smoking on permanent basis.

The medication of Wellbutrin SR is easily available in the preparations of 75, 100, 150 and 200 mg respectively to be given to the patient orally once or twice a day depending upon the prescription obtained from the doctor after consultation about the health condition of the patient. Its result are slow in the start but gain full control over the mental state of the patient after a week or so to help in quit smoking without any difficulties.

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